Address: Loc Apella n 1, 54016 Licciana Nardi

Tel: +39 0187 421203 / +39 392 9963407



Environment and uncontaminated nature combine with hospitality and kindness, values having a very long tradition in the territories of Lunigiana. Here you can find what you expect from a very good accommodation facility. But there is also something more: the surrounding frame nowhere to be found as well as an intact and uncontaminated environment.The 12 rooms available are either double or triple bedrooms, while the 6 flats are suitable for two, three or four people, providing accommodation for over 50 people in total. The person in charge of the agritourist farm is Mr. Mario Maffei and, to guarantee his guests a very relaxing stay, he has carefully selected and engaged his collaborators, who have their strong points in the respect of traditions, in the kindness and in the cult of hygiene.

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