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by Car

– If you are driving from Northern Italy, take the highway A1/E35 (Autostrada del Sole) as far as Parma and then the A15/E33 (Autostrada della Cisa) towards La Spezia. After the Cisa Pass you will find two exits in Lunigiana: Pontremoli and Aulla. Next exit south is S. Stefano Magra (La Spezia/Cinque Terre). From here you can continue southwards to Carrara and Massa or take the A12 towards Genoa;

– If driving from Pisa or Genoa on the A12/E80, take the A15 towards Parma and exit in Aulla or Pontremoli.

The State Road SS62 stretches all across the Lunigiana valley following the River Magra and past Aulla, Terrarossa, Villafranca in Lunigiana, Filattiera, Pontremoli. Along the road you will find directions to the other Lunigiana villages such as Fivizzano (from Aulla towards the Cerreto Pass and Emilia), Casola (from Aulla towards Garfagnana and Lucca), Licciana Nardi (from Terrarossa towards the Lagastrello Pass and Emilia).

by Train

There are 4 train stations in Lunigiana: Aulla-Lunigiana, Villafranca-Bagnone, Filattiera and Pontremoli.
There are direct trains connecting Lunigiana to Parma and La Spezia/Cinque Terre as well as daily train to Pisa, Lucca and Florence.
There is also a monorail train connecting Aulla-Lunigiana to Lucca stopping at Fivizzano-Rometta-Soliera, Fivizzano-Gassano, Gragnola, Monzone-Monte Dei Bianchi-Isolano, Equi Terme.

by Plane

The closest airport to reach us is Pisa “Galileo Galilei” (approximately 70 kilometres).
From here you can either catch a train (connection directly from the airport to Pisa Centrale by Pisa Mover, then train to Lunigiana. Total journey approx. 1:30), rent a car at the airport and drive for approx. 1 hour or travel by taxi.
Other nearby airports: Genoa, Bologna, Parma and Florence.

by Boat

Cruise ships dock in the nearby harbours of Livorno and La Spezia from where it is possible to reach us by train. There might also be cruise ships docking in Carrara in the near future.

by Bus

Minor villages can be reached by local buses managed by CCT Nord company. Timetables and tickets available on the CCT Nord website (available in Italian only).
Nearby stops of Flixbus buses: La Spezia and Sarzana.

Bus info (ITA/ENG) – ATC
BUS INFO (italian lang only) – CCT
Train info (multilingual) – Trenitalia
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