Address: Via Generale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 35 – Mulazzo MS)

Phone: +39 0187 439610  +39 328 5827845



Mirta Fedespina and Antonio Farina, wine lovers and owners of this beautiful wine estate, with the precious collaboration of the enologist Francesco Petacco, have succeeded over the years to demonstrate that Upper Lunigiana is suitable to produce high quality wines, both traditional red Tuscan wines and local varieties.

In 2003, they started a pilot project replanting Merlot (present in Upper Lunigiana since the beginning of 1900) and Ciliegiolo (a variety well known all over Tuscany), both suitable to embody the characteristic of this territory and giving excellent results.
In 2014, Podere Fedespina took care of the vineyard where in the past Pinot Noir was produced and, since 2015, has introduced two new wines that are produced in purity using these prestigious 40-year-old vines.

Visiting the winery and tasting these superb wines is an experience not to be missed

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