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Agriturismo Montagna Verde

Address: Loc Apella n 1, 54016 Licciana Nardi Tel: +39 0187 421203 / +39 392 9963407 Email: info@montagnaverde.it Website: www.montagnaverde.it Environment and uncontaminated nature combine with hospitality and kindness, values having a very long tradition in the territories of Lunigiana. Here you can find what you expect from a very good accommodation facility. But there is also something more: the surrounding frame nowhere to be found [...]

Agriturismo Profumo di Natura

Address:  Via Giovanni Pascoli 29, Groppoli di Fivizzano (MS) Tel: +39 347 1341151 Email: agriturismoverzanini@hotmail.com Website: www.profumodinatura.weebly.com In the marvellous scenery of the Tuscan- Emilian Apennines , dominated by the mountain Pizzo d'Uccello , "Profumo di Natura " it was originally the home of the peasant family that for decades has contributed to the maintenance and growth of the Tuscan tradition of Lunigiana: the [...]

Agriturismo Casteldelpiano

Address: Via Piano 10, 54016 Licciana Nardi Tel: +39 0187 475533 Email: info@casteldelpianolunigiana.it Website: www.casteldelpianolunigiana.it Situated in the Taverone Valley, totally surrounded by nature and history, sits the Malaspina Castle where the Country Hotel "CasteldelPiano" is located. This is a wonderful example of the medieval period in Lunigiana and the Castle maintains the original atmosphere and features of the past. Restoring the [...]