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Il Testarolo di Pontremoli

Ancient dish similar to pancakes prepared with water and flour and cooked for few minutes into cast iron moulds called testi. They are then cut into squares, boiled for another couple of minutes, and served either with pesto or with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Le Lasagne bastarde

Type of pasta made of wheat flour (50%) mixed with chestnut flour (50%), that represents one of the many local dishes derived from chestnut. It is usually served with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Le Focaccette

There are different recipes to make focaccette, which can use either wheat or corn flour. Focaccette are cooked into terracotta moulds, similarly to panigacci, or, sometimes, using cast-iron moulds, and then served with soft cheese and cold cuts. They are very popular in particular in Amola, Vaccareccia and Monti, where each summer dedicated food festivals are organized.

La Torta d’Erbi

Herbs pie is a real specialty of our area. It is stuffed with wild herbs such as borage, spinach, etc. though each village has its own different recipe. The most popular is the one made in Pontremoli, which is prepared with almost a hundred herbs and cooked in cast iron moulds.

La Pattona

Sort of pancake made of chestnut flour wrapped in chestnut leaves and cooked in a wood oven or in testi. It is usually served with ricotta cheese and honey.

La spongata

Cake made of honey, bread, various spices and dried fruits. There are different recipes from Liguria to Parma to prepare it.In Lunigiana it is popular in Pontremoli where you can find it at the local bars and restaurants.