Villa Dosi Delfini, Via Chiosi 5, 54027, Pontremoli MS

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The Dosi Delfini Villa is located a few hundred meters from the historic centre of Pontremoli.
You can reach the mansion with a nice walk along an evocative tree-lined road and a small stone bridge over the Verde River.
The Villa was probably built at the end of the 17th century by the brothers Carlo and Francesco Dosi, two rich business men who settled here in order to run a flourishing trading activity between the Leghorn harbor and the Po Valley (Padana Plain).

The idea and the project of the Villa were developed by Carlo Dosi, a man of vast culture, an art, architecture and gardening lover, who employed the most famous artists of that period, such as the architect and decorator Francesco Natali and the painter Alessandro Gherardini, to embellish the villa.
The history of the mansion has always been connected to the Dosi family, from its construction to the present day: it underwent periods of splendor, neglect and finally restoration, giving the Villa back its splendor that we can admire today.

First conceived as a place for lavish events during the Baroque Age, the Villa well represents the flavor of that period, boasting a mix of nature, architecture, fine decor and elegant furnishing. The main building with H shape is overlooked by a terraced vineyard and two roof gardens.

Today, the Villa is available as a venue for weddings and events. It is possible to visit its rooms and garden by guided tours


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