Recommended period June-October, not suitable for kids under 6 years old

Departure: Iera (Bagnone), m. 543 slm
Total length: 18 km
Difference in height: 750 m
Difficulty: E
Cartography:  Lunigiana Orientale, Geomedia 2018 – Appennino Ligure e Tosco-Emiliano, 4Land 2018

From Iera (543 m.) we continue for a very short tract towards Compione, then we turn left and we follow for a few hundred meters a paved road which comes back to the centre of the village until when, on the right side of the carriageway, we see a path among dry walls which goes into the chestnut grove of Iera (panel and signs). With a moderate slope we cross a small portion of the boundless and charming chestnut grove. We go up with a moderate slope along a paved mule track, among dry walls and terracing. Turning right we continue along a dirt road for a few hundred meters. When we arrive at a crossroad, turn left in the wood, following the right bank of Bagnone Stream. The path passes some water pipes then, when the gorge becomes narrower, it moves away from the banks of the rivers of the stream. When the valley enlarges again, we get closer to the Bagnone Stream and we follow it. A ford on wet rocks (a rope is useful to pass the natural obstacle) allows to cross the stream and reach Capanne di Garbia (958 m), old alpine pastures completely restored which now are emergency refugees. We continue to follow the white red signs towards Tornini huts: we cross another ford and, after a tract among beeches, we reach a crossroads where we keep the right. After some hundred meters we arrive in the dirt road which connects Compione to Conca dei Tornini (1250 m.). From here two trails lead to Tornini Huts (1284 m), old shepherds huts become bivouacs. Coming back again to the fork between the dirt road and the path 116, this time we continue along the road (with white red signs) towards Compione. Following the road, we go down until the bar near the churchyard of Compione (698 m). From the village, we follow the paved road and we come back to Iera.

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