Castello del Piagnaro – Pontremoli
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The Castle of Piagnaro is located on a hill overlooking the historic centre of Pontremoli, an integrating element in the city’s defensive system along with the walls and towers that protected the medieval hamlet. Constructed around the year 1000 for defensive purposes and to oversee the roads, on various occasions it has acted as the last stronghold safeguarding the citizens of Pontremoli; its name derives from the “piagne”, sandstone slabs traditionally used in Lunigiana to construct roofs, which can still be seen today within the structure.

 The Statue Stele Museum:

The stele statues, found in Lunigiana, represent the most ancient and mysterious wealth of this land. The museum of the stele statues of Lunigiana, situated in the prestigious Piagnaro Castle, offers to visitors the possibility to embark on a compelling and enlightening journey of discovery of these testimonies of ancient times carved and engraved in stone.

The Guest quarters 

The guest quarters of the Castle, created to accommodate pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena are open all year round; it is necessary to book. The rooms in the guest quarters can accommodate up to 65 people and are available for groups, school-trips, associations, families, or single tourists. (from