Lunigiana chestnut flour is very fine in consistency, ivory-white in colour, and possesses a characteristically sweet taste and an intense, distinctive aroma that persists even after cooking.

This excellent flour is ground from prized varieties of chestnuts renowned for their organoleptic characteristics. The chestnuts are dried in old-fashioned “gradili” fired exclusively with chestnut wood, and then ground with traditional stone grinding wheels in water-powered mills.

Thanks to the centuries of tradition in chestnut growing, ancient processing techniques perfected over time, and its extraordinary quality, Lunigiana chestnut flour has won European PDO certification.

Lunigiana DOP chestnut flour is extraordinarily versatile in the kitchen, always offering unforgettable aromas and flavours, whether it is used for noodles or lasagna, fritters or dumplings, chestnut cake—or as an ingredient in a surprising bread!