Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 15 – 54013 Fivizzano (MS)

Phone +39 333 537 1868



FraAndrea shop was born from the passion for Nature – from the Call of the Wild described by Jack London in his books – and from the passion for the “art of walking”, as Henry David Thoreau defines it.

All types of outdoor activities, from alpine activities, sport climbing, ski touring, to hiking and mountain biking, are considered not only as sport disciplines but also as ecology for the mind and body, a physical and inner journey in natural environments, looking for a balance between action and contemplation.
At FraAndrea you can find gears for mountaineering and hiking by high quality brands careful not only to the materials but also to sustainability, also using recycled fabrics.

The shop is located in the historic centre of Fivizzano, embraced by the National Park of the Apennines and the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps.
Thanks to the collaboration with ApuaneGuide and White and Blue Mountain Guides, here you can also book excursions and guided tours by mtb, iron ways, sportive climbing, canyoning, mountaineering, ski touring and all sorts of outdoor activities.

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